The cut is the most delicate step in the production process and the cutter is the key figure in giving the garment its appeal. The selection of the hue, the length of the fur, and the scales. The precision of the cut in a single gesture.

It is a process trusted to expert hands: steady hands capable of cutting and assembling alligator skins so that they come together impeccably. Hands that can cut furs, similar in colour and length, in such a way that they seem to be one single piece.

We work with only the best raw materials. We deal with certified suppliers who guarantee of the quality of the hides and the proper treatment of the animals. As a result, we receive leather from all over the world and we subject it to the strictest inspections. Our specialized personnel begin the inspection of the dye and colourings of all the hides, including alligator and snake, and combine the varieties in the best way possible.

It is an artisanal knowledge that requires the technique and talent and the knowledge and experience that Otto gives to its clients daily.