• Pattern

    This process is very important to us. We create a bond between pattern-maker and stylist: the right harmony to break the identity of a garment into parts and then recompose it to make the stylist’s vision materialize. Their strength is in the team, which is adapted to each client. Some use computers while others model on mannequins as in haute couture.

    The design and fitting stages are conducted at Otto or at the client’s maison, step by step, in search of the right line for runway pieces and technical perfection for pieces intended for sale.

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  • Cut

    The cut is the most delicate step in the production process and the cutter is the key figure in giving the garment its appeal. The selection of the hue, the length of the fur, and the scales. The precision of the cut in a single gesture.

    It is a process trusted to expert hands: steady hands capable of cutting and assembling alligator skins so that they come together impeccably. Hands that can cut furs, similar in colour and length, in such a way that they seem to be one single piece.

    We work with only the best raw materials. We deal with certified suppliers who guarantee of the quality of the hides and the proper treatment of the animals. As a result, we receive leather from all over the world and we subject it to the strictest inspections. Our specialized personnel begin the inspection of the dye and colourings of all the hides, including alligator and snake, and combine the varieties in the best way possible.

    It is an artisanal knowledge that requires the technique and talent and the knowledge and experience that Otto gives to its clients daily.

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  • Sew

    We make artisanal garments in leather, taking care of the smallest details. Our seamstresses personally follow the sewing process of each single production because we believe this is the best way to obtain perfect manufacturing.

    The beating heart of Otto is the workshop, equipped with avant-garde sewing machines which pair all types of material and guarantee excellent quality prototypes, sample pieces, and final products. Hand-sewn accessories and finishings complete the sartorial phase. This is a process trusted to those with great skill with whom we cultivate, day after day, our passion for artisanal work.

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  • Control

    We carry out quality control throughout the manufacturing process. The first inspection takes place with the prototype, where the technician measures the garment so that it complies with the specific requests of the client. Quality controls are also preformed on samples, pre-production garments, and final products.

    We do everything in such a way that the entire manufacturing process comes as close to perfection as possible and the garment completely satisfies the client’s own inspection policies. We always aim to put forward a unique, beautiful, and perfect garment.

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